Artour 2010

“Cultural/Contemporary Art Studios” tour in China

Nov. 4- 22, 2010 (19 days 5 stars VIP trip)

Day 1 San Francisco - Beijing

Fly to Beijing, the starting point for our scenic China & Contemporary Art journey

Day 2 Beijing

Arrive in the nation’s capital and greet our Artour 2010 guide in the arrivals hall. Transfer to our deluxe accommodations and rest up for a full day’s sightseeing tomorrow.

(surprise experience: After welcome dinner,Chinese Imperial style foot massage)

Day 3 Beijing

Throughout Beijing’s long-standing history as the nation’s capital, it has earned a reputation as one of the most famous historical and cultural cities of the world. A great number of ancient sites and relics have stood the test of time, with one being the Forbidden City. Tour the lavish palace grounds, where Ming and Qing emperors once resided, then cross the street to walk through Tiananmen Square. Continue on to visit the exquisite Summer Palace. After picture stops at the 2008 Olympics Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, we head back to the hotel for a Peking Duck Banquet Dinner.

Forbidden City, until recently opened only to the emperor's family. This complex, the largest imperial palace ever built in the world, features more than 800 buildings with over 9,000 rooms, resplendent golden- glazed roofs, red lacquered pillars and vermilion walls.

Day4 Beijing (SPECIAL!!!!!!, unique event)

The centerpiece to any trip to China is undoubtedly the Great Wall. Walk across the ancient stones and revel in the wall’s awe-inspiring beauty and strength, then continue on to the Sacred Way. Follow this “divine way”, lined with ethereal willow trees and intricate stone sculptures, to visit the 13 Ming Mausoleums.

GREAT WALL Ju Yong Pass – earth artwork “Olympic Dragon” – 10,000 meters long, the longest art work in the world took place here on June 21, 2001. it was reviewed the greatest help for Beijing to win 2008 Olympic bidding

“Olympic Dragon”


The entire day to explore and discover the untainted charm of old town and world famous 798 Chinese Contemporary Art district, visting artists' studios and enjoy dinner in the traditional courtyard home.

Day 6 Beijing - Datong

Travel from Beijing to Datong by coach (330km) for about 4 hours.After lunch, visit to the famous Yungang Grottoes. Making the UNESCO World Heritage list, and with a 1,500-year-old history, these 252 caves and 51,000 statues represent the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave art in China in the 5th and 6th centuries. The Five Caves created by Tan Yao, with their strict unity of layout and design, constitute a classical masterpiece of the first peak of Chinese Buddhist art. Next, visit the Nine-Dragon Wall, which was built in 1392 to conceal the palace of a Ming dynasty (1368-1644) prince and Huayan Monastery. Overnight at the Hongan International Hotel (or similar)

Day 7Datong - Taiyuan

After breakfast, take a scenic drive to Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province. On the way, visit the Wooden Pagoda, which is the oldest and the highest wooden pagoda in China. The Wooden Pagoda is made completely of wood and does not have a single nail embedded within it. Then visit the Xuankong (Overhanging) Monastery, a rare alpine complex built 1400 years ago, with 40 or so halls and chambers hanging on the rock face of a sheer cliff. Check into the Shanxi World Trade Center Hotel (super 5 stars).

After dinner, visting local artists' studios

Day 8 Taiyuan – Pingyao

Visit Jinci, the shrine of the king of Jin state, is one of China’s key cultural-relic reserves. And it enjoys the reputation of being the "Little South of the Yangtze River". Continue to the Chunshansi, also known as Baimasi, where the provincial Buddism Association is located. Overnight at the Pingyao Yunjincheng Folk Hotel .

Day 9 PingYao

Pingyao is the best-preserved of the four ancient towns in China. Inside the intact Ming dynasty city wall, this town features exceptionally well-preserved buildings dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It looks just as it did in centuries past. After breakfast, visit the City Wall. First erected nearly 3,000 years ago, it retains the appearance of its early Ming Dynasty reconstruction. Next, visit Rishenchang, the first bank-like financial institution in China. Then stroll along Ming and Qing Dynasty Street, the old downtown thoroughfare, which is preserved in traditional style.

Day 10 Pingyao – Xi’an

You'll enjoy a tour of the ancient City Walls, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Bell Tower. Overnight at the Grand New World Hotel (or similar).

After dinner, visiting artists' studios

Day 11 Xi’an

Xi’an the cradle of Chinese civilization, was the state capital of 73 Emperors spanning 11 dynasties during 1100 years dating from 4,000 B.C.
Visit another wonder of the ancient world, the Terra-Cotta Warriors, concealed under earth, those thousands of life-sized clay warriors, horses and chariots, as one part of the tomb of Emperor Qinshihuang, were accidentally discovered by a farmer while he was digging out a well. You would also see some archaeologists still working on site to uncover the rest part of the vast tomb complex of Emperor Qinshihuang, the first emperor in Chinese history, and also the initiator of the Great Wall.

Day 12 Xi'an - Guilin

Morning flight to Guilin. A medium-sized city by Chinese standard, the city has long been renowned for its unique scenery. The name Guilin literally means "forest of sweet osmanthus", owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees in the city. Upon arrival we visit the scenic Fubo Hill and Reed Flute Cave.

After dinner, visiting artists' studios

Day 13 Guilin


Day cruise on Li River. The 83km stretch of the river between Guilin and Yangshuo affords breathtaking scenery as the river snakes through tall karst mountains, gigantic bamboo sprays, and picturesque villages -- sights that have inspired countless poets and painters for generations. Disembark in Yangshuo and drive back to Guilin

Day 14 Guilin fly to Shanghai

Paris of China, Pearl of the Orient, city of quick riches, paradise of the adventurers - those were some of the names by which Shanghai was known before the Communists took it over from the Nationalist Government in 1949. Like of the rest of the country Shanghai is currently undergoing one of the fastest economic expansions the world has ever seen, having experienced 19% GDP growth per year for the past 16 years.

Evening to walk around Shanghai’ famous shopping area, including "new heaven and earth”

Day 15 Shanghai

Our sightseeing in Shanghai begins with a stroll on the Bund - a waterfront promenade famous for its landmark neoclassical buildings of European style, followed by Shanghai Museum with its massive and varied collections

Day 16 Shanghai - Su Zhou

Su Zhou is a city of gardens and waterways, it is a famous water-surrounding village, you will enjoy 1500 years old little town.

visit the majestic, new I.M. Pei-designed

Su Zhou museum

Day17 Su Zhou - Shanghai

Day18 Shanghai

Visit the unique ancient landscape architecture of Yuyuan Garden and local artist's studio


After breakfast, you are transferred to the airport and fly homeward. You will be in the United States on the same day.

5 star hotels

Three meals a day for the entire trip.
Buffet breakfast or Chinese breakfast .
Chinese lunches and dinners at local restaurants.
Local Specialty Dinners
Ping Yao: Local best
Guilin: Local Deluxe Courses
Xian: Imperial Dumpling Banquet

Price: $4500

the price includes economy airfare from SFO, with upgrades available


We have 22 people now, will accept 3- 4 more people for this 5 star VIP trip, please make your reservation


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