Celebrate: Life, Liberty & Beauty

September 8, 2002 San Francisco

A Memorial earth-work dedicated to 9.11 victims



On September 8th, 2002, Pop Zhao teamed with the Red Cross and other local organizations to present, as a memorial tribute to the victims of 9/11, a five-mile long silk banner composed of 3,000 American flags held aloft by 2,500 participants along the San Francisco coastline.

In loving memory of Dennis Wong for his hard work and dedication.

"Pop, This is a great project, I will do my best to help you." - Dennis Wong, 12.27.02

former Chairman, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, San Francisco

Chairman, the Celebrate Life, Liberty and Beauty Part I





The earth-art performance piece "CELEBRATE : Life, Liberty & Beauty" will involve 2,500 participants unfurling a 5 miles silk banner containing 3,000 American flags in what will be the longest such work in the world.

Backer Beach to Crissy Field, San Francisco

9am, Sunday, September 8, 2002

CELEBRATE highlights the spirit of America, as reflected in the flag. The flag panel backgrounds appear in five colors, signifying the diversity of our community. We gain strength and empowerment from communities coming together - whether it be on a local, national or international level.

"As an artist, it is my responsibility to create an artwork that brings people of different communities together to express our feeling of solidarity with the nation and the world. I chose to hold this event in the Bay Area as a tribute from the West Coast to the East Coast. We are a nation of communities united," says its creator Pop Zhao.




Ciry and county of San Francisco

American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

Icelandic Design

Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District

The office of Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

San Francisco Chinese American Association of Commerce

Chinese Holocaust Museum in San Francisco

World Journal

Sing Tao Daily

Art Collectors:

Ms. Gerdur Kristjansdottir. Longmont, CO.
Mr. & Ms. Friedland, Denver, CO.
Mr. & Ms. Joseph & Judy Hardy, Denver, CO.
Ms.Joanne G. Singer, Denver, CO.
Ms. Diana Downs,Oakland, CA.

Mr. & Ms. Jim & Sue Boundreko, San Francisco,CA.
Ms.Nancy P. Mallon, Denver, CO.
Ms.Susan S. Connelly, Denver, CO.
Ms.Barbara Stark, Denver, CO.
Mr. & Ms. Bryan & Le Ann White, Alamo, CA.
Mr. & Ms.Frederick Steinkamp, Franktown, CO.

Special Thanks:

Dr. John B. Tsu Chairman, President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders ~ "This event will be positive for our community, and we are encouraging both individuals and commercial entities in the San Francisco area to actively support this project"

Nancy Pelosi Democratic Whip, U.S. Congressmember ~ " Your efforts are an example of what makes our country great."

Willie L. Brown, Jr. Mayor, City and County of San Francisco ~ " The City and County of San Francisco wishes you good luck with your project! "

Leland Yee, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "Thank you for having the foresight, talent and courage to make this event happen. I cheerfully support your effort, and eagerly await your masterpiece."

Kevin Shelley, Majority Leader, California State Assembly ~ "I am honored to proclaim my support of the "Celebrate: Life, Liberty & Beauty" performance artwork project."

Carole Migden, Assemblymember, State of California ~ "fantastic and visionary"

Sophie Maxwell, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "Masterpiece."

Tony Hall Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "I am in Full support!"

Jack McGoldrick, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "Wonderful!"

Mark Leno, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "an inspiring sight"

Aaron Peskin, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "It will help us to reflect on the goodness of humanity and spirit of freedom."

Gavin Newsom, Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "I applaud your heroic efforts."

Gerardo C.Sandoval , Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "Good Luck with your efforts!"

Chris Daly , Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ "Pop, Thank you for your vision of unity."

Matt Gonzalez , Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco ~ " Pop, this is good for our soceity."

Anastasia Scourkes, Director of Marketing, American Red Cross

Sally C. Pipes, President, Pacific Research Institute ~ "Your plan to create a canvas of 5,000 U.S.flags is breathtaking in its scope and sentiment."

Peter Chi, Chairman, Chinese Business Association, S.F.

Chi Dai, Publisher ~ "let's make it happen!"

Florence Fang, Publisher, San Francisco Examiner ~ "Very good project! it is very meaningful to our society, we will fully support it"

Mr.& Mrs Wang Yunxian, Ambassador, Consulate General of China in S.F. Mr.& Mrs.Ke Yasha Cultural Consul, Consulate General of China in S.F.

Mr. and Mrs.Dennis Fong, President, D.P. Fong galleries, San Jose ~ "POP everywhere! This is the right thing to do"

Christine K.Young, CEO, Producer Who's Who on TV ~ "I 've fully confident of this wonderful project, I fully support and participate"

Poland Hung, President of The Chinese Holocaust Museum. S.F. ~ " Great Work, We support you!"

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Mast ~ "This is a truly wonderful art project"

Gerdur Kristjansdottir, President, Icelandic Design, Longmont, CO "Like other projects you've done, I will always be your supporter!"

Mr.& Mrs.Mary Jordan, CEO of NETA, Morrison, CO " Thank you for having Á the foresight Á talent and courage."

Peter and Lucia Kanter "We were astounded by your Olympic Dragon display along the Great Wall last year, and realize how lucky San Francisco is to be the benefactor of your energy and aesthetic ingenuity"

Mr. & Mrs.Kurt Huang Chairman of SINOTYPE, China & U.S.A.

Jennifer Chen, Senior Vice President, AITech International, Fremont ~ "a proven effective approach to world peace and love."

Jane Brandy, Art Collectors ~ San Francisco "Wow! Exciting."

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bondarenko "We will do our best to help you!"

Jo Anne Thomas ~ "an outstanding artist as well as a caring and kind individual."

Kristine Eubanks, Finer Image, Van Nuys ~ "Good Project! Counts us in!"

Rhonda Hill, President, Rhonda Hill Gallery ~ "The World in Focus"

Vincent Fausone, President, Society for Asian Art San Francisco ~ "splendid."

Rose He, President, U.S. Industrial Technologies, Inc.

Hon Seng Cheng, Executive Director, Chinese Culture Foundation

Joan Black, Director, D.P. Fong Galleries

Tasia Scourkes, Director of Marketing, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

Ann Wu, President, Chinese Performance Artists of America, San Jose

David Liu, Comminity Leader.

Jennie Chin Hanson, Executive Director, On Lok San Francisco.

Dennis Z. Ho, President and CEO, AeroSea Corporation.

Min Wang, Design Director, Square Two.

Chia-Chia Chen Chairperson & CEO, Culture to Culture Foundation.

Legal Advisor:

Justin X. Wang, Attorney at Law, BAUGHMAN & WANG



Please refer to the following for more details:

Map of memorial artwork:

Circyle ceremony site Blue background flag banners
Yellow background flag banners Black background flag banners
Red background flag banners Green background flag banners

How to hold the banner:
Banners are parallel to the ground, with volunteers standing on either side of the banner and holding it at waist level.
Please look at the image at the left -- this should give a clear picture as to how to hold the banner. This picture was taken at last year's OLYMPIC DRAGON event, held at the Great Wall of China -- a project also initiated by Pop Zhao.

Volunteer teams:
Volunteers will be organized into teams, with a team leader handling logistics. Prior to the event, you will receive an email informing you of who your team leader is and where to meet on the day of the event. Each team leader will have assistants who will help organize the volunteers into position for holding the banners.

7:30 am
* arrive at pre-assigned meeting locations
* pick up t-shirts
* go to pre-assigned location along the route
8:00 am
* begin unrolling banners
* begin aligning volunteers along banners
8:30 am
* have banners in place, but folded in half
9:00 am
* ceremony starts
* begin unfolding banner, starting from location of ceremony
10:45 am
* memorial ends
* banners are rolled up

Getting there and parking:
Parking is available but it is extremely limited. We strongly urge volunteers to carpool as much as possible. We will notify you of the most convenient place to park that is closest to where you will be located along the banner route.


GALLERY (photo credit: Mike Dong, Gene Dailey)