Wrapping the Asian Art Museum

March 20, 2003 San Francisco

Wrapping and inaugural unveiling the New Asian Art Museum



San Francisco Chronicle



Pop Zhao's latest artwork - 22,000 square feet of canvas, believed to be the largest wrapping done in California-covers the new Asian Art Museum. Constructed in China.





Treasures Unveiled

an earth artwork celebrating the opening of the new Asian Art Museum

1. What: Treasures Unveiled is a two-part performance artwork. Part one will involve wrapping the new Asian Art Museum in thousands of square yards of canvas printed with Asian art images reaching back thousands of years and coming forward to the modern period. Part two will involve a dramatic 45 minutes live performance art piece in which "Fortune Man" (Pop Zhao) brings good fortune to the participants of the Museum's opening event.

2. Where: the new Asian Art Museum building in San Francisco.

3. When: March 10 - 20, 2003 ( Part one ) March 20, 2003 ( part two)

4. About the Work: Part One: Earth Art Installation (wrapping the building) front of building: Harmony (yin) and Energy (yang) are vital feng shui elements that should be incorporated in any new endeavor. These themes are placed front and center on the canvas covering the entrance to new Asian Art Museum. Harmony and energy are in balance, represented by images of two pieces of art, while standing guard on either side are Gate Gods. sides of building: Images from around Asia are combined in a multi-level collage representing the progression of different Asian cultures throughout history. This collage shows the connection between 5,000 years ago and today. The different levels allow the viewer to focus on a range of images floating simultaneously in history. These diverse images, whether they be of the past or the present, co-exist side by side in our psyche.




Mr. David Lei, San Francisco, CA.
Mr. & Ms.Herman & linda Mast,
San Francisco, CA
Mr.& Ms.Jeff & Hung Liu, Oakland,CA.
Ms.Emily Sano,San Francisco, CA.
Ms.Judy Wilbur,San Francisco, CA.
Ms.Maura Morey,San Francisco, CA.
Mr. & Ms.Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki (Yahoo,inc)
Mr. & Ms. Chong-Moon Lee.



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