CELEBRATE: Life, Liberty and Beauty II

Year 2 anniversary: 9/7/2003 Statue of Liberty Island.

Nearly 1,000 Volunteers from American Red Cross 9/11 recovery program, Office of NYC Council Member John C. Liu, Tzu Chi Foundation and many local Chinese-American Organizations covered the island with a memorial banner symbolizing Liberty. Photos: http://turlo.com/liberty



Interview With event Chairman New York City Councilman John Liu

Aired September 7, 2003 - 07:04 ET

HEIDI COLLINS, CNN ANCHOR: About 500 volunteers are gathering at New York's Battery Park to help with the 9/11 tribute. They'll take the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty, which will be surrounded by red, white and blue. New York City Councilman John Liu is the chairman of the project.

COLLINS: Tell us a little bit about "Pop" Zhao, just in case people aren't familiar with some of his work.

LIU: "Pop" is a "Guinness Book of World Records" holder for putting together the longest art work in history, a 10,000 meter Olympic dragon that was draped on the Great Wall of China. And last year, in his September 11 tribute, he unfurled a six and a half mile long banner underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And "Pop's" personal background is interesting, as well. He came to the United States about 15 years ago and just two years ago obtained his United States citizenship. And unfortunately a couple of months afterwards, the tragedy of September 11 happened. And this is his way of repaying the United States and the world for the good things that have happened to him.

COLLINS: Right. It sounds very much like this has a little bit of a personal meaning to him, obviously, as well. We're looking at some video now of that project last year in San Francisco. Spectacular. So people are going to see a wonderful thing today. Tell us about your role in the ceremony.

LIU: Well, I was honored that "Pop" asked me to help him coordinate this, along with the National Park Service and the American Red Cross, which is actually coordinating the hundreds of volunteers that we're going to have out there shortly. It's a major undertaking and I'm so pleased to have "Pop" decided to bring it to the East Coast and to New York City.

a memorial artwork dedicated to 9.11 victims

"We will never forget the lives that were taken from us on 9/11. "CELEBRATE: Life, Liberty & Beauty, Part II" will show the world how much we love our fallen brothers and sisters and how we will never forget that infamous day."

What: The earth art performance piece, "CELEBRATE: Life, Liberty & Beauty, Part II." A banner was created with the image of our nation's flag, an image of the Statue of Liberty. 1,000 volunteers from the communities in New York City including members of the victim's families will unfurl and display this unique memorial art piece.

Where: New York City ­ the Statue of Liberty. September 7, 2003

Why: On the second anniversary, we have chosen 2 sites as the most appropriate locations to celebrate Life, Liberty, and Beauty. We will encircle these sites as symbolism for our nation's unity, our people's eternal memorial, and the spirit of our country's future.

Statue of Liberty - She is our spiritual gatekeeper of freedom. She holds the torch of liberty for the world.


David Silver


Gerdur Kristjansdottir



Mary Jordan

Irene & Donald A. Mcgovern




SUPPORT FROM (partial list)




Statue of Liberty Island


New York Governor George Pataki

California Governor Gray Davis

NYC Council Member John C. Liu

American Red Cross 9/11 recovery program NYC


Nancy Pelosi

Democratic Leader

Mike Honda

Member of Congress

Kevin Shelley

Secretary of State

State of California

Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

"I support your " Celebrate Life, Liberty & Beauty " part II project!"

Dr.Leland Yee

Assemblymember, State of California

All Supervisors of San Francisco

Mr. Harold W. Brooks, CEO, Red Cross Bay Area Chapter


NYC Councilmember John C. Liu

American Red Cross 9/11 Recovery Program

Lyuba Golberg

Tzu Chi ( New York)

American Red Cross Bay Area chapter

Tzu Chi ( San Francisco )

Julie Lee

San Francisco Housing Authority Commissioner

David Lei

Emily Sano, director of Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Cynthia Garrett

Michael Conklin

Glenn Guzi

Bill Lee

Andrew Lee

Christina Kerby

Herman & linda Mast

Patricia Lee

Valerie Cheung

Vivian Chan

Filip Yip


Wendy & Randle Yeager

Denese & Donald Scarbeary

Cheric Chooljian

Robert & Mary Tuttle

Toni Wilson

Stephen & Jeremy Potash

Stacy & Gerald Sprague


Honorary Chair:

Former NYC Mayor Rudi Guiliani

NY Governor George Pataki

CA Governor Gray Davis

WA Governor Gary Locke

US Congressmember Nancy Pelosi

US Congressmember Mike Honda

Consul General Wang Yunxian (P.R. China)

Dr. John B. Tsu (Chair, PACAAPI)

CA Secretary of State Kevin Shelley

CA Assemblymember Leland Yee

CA Assemblymember Mark Leno

SF Board of Supervisors

SF Commissioner Julie Y. Lee

Peter Chi

Committee Chair:

SF Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

NYC Councilmember John Liu

Andrew Lee

Committee Co-Chair:

Alan Goodman

Marc A. Koenings

David Silver

Gerdur Kristjandottir

Chi Tai

Peter T. K. Liu

Ellen Young

Harold W. Brooks

Michael Conklin

Mark Elderman

Brian O¹Neill

Jackson Chen

Emily J. Sano

Mary Jordan

Florence Fang

Hsueh-Ling Chen

Kurt Huang

Tang Quanlong

Paul Anderson

Hank Lian

David Lei

Major Roger Glenn

Sandi O'Boyle

Joseph Lillis

Sylvia Wilkerson

Rudy Evenson

Artist, Producer and Executive Director:

Pop Zhao


Youngmi Chi, Cher Cai, Mary Misner, Wu Xuan, Dawei Liu Lik Lui, Xu Hua, Bright Wei, Gao Yu, QuYang Li, Ican Liu Chang Xiuzhao, Lu Jiajia, Guojian

Specially Invited Artistic Director:

Wang Chunsheng, Zhao Xianghai, Meng Luding, Zheng Yuke, Filip Yip,

Jeff Kelly, Hung Liu

Specially Invited Music Director:

Tan Dun, Wang Hong


Ambassador A.K. Majid Embassy of Malaya in China

Mabel Teng


City of New York


American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

American Red Cross in Greater New York

Sausalito Art Festival



National Park Service

Statue of Liberty National Monument

American Red Cross 9.11 Recovery Program

City and County of San Francisco

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Tzu Chi Foundation, U.S.A.

Tibet Moon Fine Arts



Gerdur Kristjansdottir ICELANDIC DESIGN

Mary Jordan




Sarah He

Patricia Jandy Lee

Valerie Cheung

Vivian Chan

Filip Yip

Glenn Guzi

Norma Manigan

Eric Peterson

Steve and Ann Fox

Sue Chang

George Chang

Hank Lian

Meijin Du

Ralph Rogers

Paula Rampe

Gene Dailey

Bill Picture

Russ Jennings

Dana King

Ann Wu

Tara Brickell

Corinne Braun

Ana Mendoza

Regina Sneed

City of New York

United Airlines

Air China

SF Asian Art Museum

SF Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Rhonda Hill Gallery

DP Fong Gallery

San Francisco Artist Association

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

Chinese American Association of Commerce

and more than 900 organizations in our communities of NYC and SF Bay Area

Art Collectors:

Wendy & Randie Yeager

Denese & Donald Scarbeary

Cheric Chooljian

Robert & Mary Tuttle

Toni Wilson

Stephen & Jeremy Potash

Stacy & Gerald Sprague

Friedland Joseph & Judy Hardy

Joanne G. Singer

Diana Downs

Jim & Sue Boundreko

Nancy P. Mallon

Susan S. Connelly

Barbara Stark

Bryan & Le Ann White

Frederick Steinkamp

Mildred A. Molino

Lou Niles

Nancy Harootunian

Isabelle Lauzon

Richard Galeano

Martinez Pinillos

Alan Rich

David Safer

Binnie Netervala

Special Thanks:

Harriet Ishimoto

US Congressmember Nancy Pelosi¹s Office

Anil Babbar

US Congressmember Mike Honda's office

Patricia Jandy Lee

NY Governor George Pataki¹s Office

Gisela Hernandez

CA Governor Gray Davis¹ Office

Andrew Lee (Event Chair)

CA Secretary of State Kevin Shelley¹s Office

Christina Kerby

CA Assemblymember Leland Yee¹s Office

Eleanor Johns

SF Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.¹s Office

Sarah He

SF Supervisor Sophie Maxwell¹s Office

Oakland Tribune

Cynthia Gouw

Dana King

Don Sanchez

Andrew Zhao

Pam Rorke Levy

Amy Miller

Alan Mok

Heather Knight

Kai-ping Liu

World Journal

Sing Tao Daily

China Press











Phoenix Satellite Television Inc.

Associated Press

PHOTOS FROM CELEBRATE: Life, Liberty & Beauty, Part I September 8, 2002

Red Cross Volunteers Marching with the flags

a melody dedicated to 9.11 victims


San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown with Pop Zhao and volunteers.

a peaceful moment