CELEBRATE: Life, Liberty and Beauty III

a memorial artwork by POP ZHAO dedicated to 9/11 victims

Early morning on Sept. 12, 2004. Reflecting Pool

photos credit: David Lee


Where: Washington DC the reflecting pool

When: Sunday, September 12, 2004 .

Why: On the third anniversary, we have chosen the most appropriate location to celebrate Life, Liberty and Beauty. We will encircle the site as symbolism for our nation's unity, our people's eternal memorial, and the spirit of our country's future. Our plan is to symbolize the beauty, strength,and courage of our nation by unfurling 2 miles of silk banner along and around the reflecting pool in our Capital.

In the past we have performed 2 artwork memorials: It was covered internationally by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Japan TV, CCTV (China National),Span TV, Russian National TV and was listed in TIME magazine, making the front pages of many newspapers and headlining many TV and radio news broadcasts including NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, S.F.CHRONICLE, S.J.MERCURY, S.F.EXAMINER, C.C.TIME...

Year 1 anniversary: 9/8/2002 San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Over 2,500 volunteers of American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, Tzu Chi Foundation and many Chinese-American groups unfurled 5 miles of a special memorial banner symbolizing Life. Photos: http://www.genedailey.com/celebrate/

Year 2 anniversary: 9/7/2003 Statue of Liberty Island. Nearly 1,000 Volunteers from American Red Cross 9/11 recovery program, Office of NYC Council Member John C. Liu, Tzu Chi Foundation and many local Chinese-American Organizations covered the island with a memorial banner symbolizing Liberty. Photos: http://turlo.com/liberty/




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Capital Region

Statue of Liberty Island


New York Governor George Pataki

Former California Governor Gray Davis

NYC Council Member John C. Liu

Andrew Lee

Mike Honda

Member of Congress

Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Former Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

Dr.Leland Yee

Assemblymember, State of California

Board of Supervisors San Francisco

American Red Cross 9/11 recovery program NYC

American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

Tzu Chi Foundation, U.S.A.

Harold W. Brooks, CEO American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

American Red Cross 9/11 Recovery Program

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Tzu Chi ( New York)

American Red Cross Bay Area chapter

Tzu Chi ( San Francisco )

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